Best options to structure online content for bootcampers.

Eugene Hauptmann
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Hello Producthunters! We are working on educational materials for bootcamp graduates. Specifically engineers who are going from studies to interviews and land their first job. We already doing some articles and screencasts. Right now we are exploring these format options: - Newsletter - Workshop - One-on-one coaching - Learning course (udemy or plurasight) I’d love your feedback on what works best for you and what doesn’t. P.S. Topics cover building apps and products using JS, React, MERN, JAMstack, GraphQL, etc.


Shiva Prabhakaran
Depends on the subject you are dealing with. For your topics, I would suggest a video series supplemented by a mastermind group.
Adam Żaczek
Depending on how fast you want it, we might help! We're releasing an embedded version of for education, with game-like learning features. We're doing this in collaboration with Freecodecamp. I think this would give you the coolest learning experience possible ;) Users would be able to go from login to live coding in 20 seconds and get a real-time feedback with test gamified test cases. You could have a fully-fledged course built in your website and accessible online. I can send you a demo video. The alpha version is accessible already so it's possible to start implementing the course right way. We're doing an official release in +/- 3 months. I could also connect you with our early users for feedback. Let me know if the time-frame works for you ;)
Chandan Das
Create own youtube channel and starts with weekly episode. Observe the result then improve the frequency.
@chandan_shopify While we I agree with this approach, perhaps you can also help with promoting and getting eyes on the videos. As just putting them on YouTube with #tags, descriptions, thumbnails etc. don't earn views.
Eugene Hauptmann
@chandan_shopify @nilova_pande Thanks guys, interesting suggestions. We used to do that several years ago, and traction was decent. These days newsletter give us very similar traction. 🤔
+1 for a learning course, on youtube or for-a-fee platforms like udemy or plurasight
Eugene Hauptmann
@vasgo Thanks Vas, we're leaning towards it. Looks like it's a second best format after the newsletter.