Stock Trading APIs

Eugene Hauptmann
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Hey ProductHunters, I'm working on the article about different FinTech APIs. We've used most of them at my company to help our clients build stock trading apps. I'd love your feedback on what angle would be interesting for you.


Benoit Chambon
Hello Eugene! Very interesting topic ;) it would be interesting to compare crypto and stock exchanges data formats too, what do you think? @nazim_m
Eugene Hauptmann
@nazim_m @benoit_chambon For sure, this topic would be under "Crypto and classic stock trading infrastructure" title. There's definitely lots of stuff to cover, maybe we can interview someone from Koinju to get some extra insights :)
Eugene Hauptmann
Hey guys, excited to report back that first article is ready and published! https://javascript.plainenglish.... Let me know your feedback! @nazim_m @benoit_chambon @trappisone
Eugene Hauptmann
@benoit_chambon I can add it in the next one "Crypto and classic stock trading infrastructure", but we will need to do a quick interview, so I can understand Koinju's offering a little bit better.
Gina Babauta
For some reason, no one says that there are two types of futures - settlement and delivery futures. As it is clear from the name of the last ones, in this case, when the expiration date of the contract comes, the delivery of the underlying asset (for example, currency or commodity like oil) takes place. In this case, at the moment of its expiration, the transaction parties get the difference between the contract price and the settlement price of the day of the end, multiplied by the number of contracts available. If you want to know, this information can be found at
Eugene Hauptmann
@ginabauta interesting thought. can you expand it a bit?