What is your Biggest challenge in growing your Startup?

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Alexa Vovchenko
The more clients come, the more various features they would like to see in the app. The challenge I'm recognizing now is to get clients without developing everything they want, because quite a lot of wishes don't belong to the product roadmap, vision and aim.
Bilal Chaglani
@aleksandra_vovchenko I have faced something familiar and still do in my company today. My only advice is to be firm on your decision to build or not to build. If it fits your vision then go for it, or else discard it. Also don't make false promises to your clients ever, it can get ugly very fast.
Henny Damian
The challenge I have right now is to connect to the right people and just getting the words out. We've just recently beta launched (silently). Would love to hear suggestions/feedback on how others tackle it without too much budget.
@hennyd Hi I like your app idea. In India, we have chit funds traditionally run in that model. I think the rate of premium is little high to get access to fund early. I’m assuming a lot hear, especially the target audience. You can educate me if I am wrong. On the struggle to get the product out, I’m also in the same boat. And I feel your pain. I have scheduled mine for March 1st release. My app is called youremarks.
It's much easier to say what’s not a challenge with building a startup. And that, of course, is making the product. Pretty much the rest of them are acid teat. For me, to tell the story and convince the sizeable enough audience to validate your idea is the biggest struggle.
Kanan Tandi
Biggest challenge is to get early adopters. Everyone wants the best thing and to be updated but rarely people would be up for trying a new product.
Ilia Pikulev
It always depends on the stage the startup at. When it's just an idea, the hardest part is to make it real, at the MVP stage it's most likely the early adopters problem, at the growing stage it's dealing with urgent issues of bugs/breaks/incompatibilities, at the stable business stage that's financial and legal issues and so on, as so forth :) So, I would assume, the biggest challenge for most of the startups here is most likely the early adopters problem, as most of the startups here have MVP already :)
Artem Smirnov
It's always about lack of time. As we are working on our daytime jobs, we just can't put enough effort into our startup. As a result, it doesn't bring enough revenue, which stops us from leaving our daytime jobs.
Me: I have the best product for you Every User: you got 2 seconds to explain to me
Pieter Limburg
Ah, yes. Never enough time, money and developers! Since that's just simply always the case, the trick is to prioritize. Do the right things first, it's as simple as it is hard. What's your biggest problem? And then fix that first. And feel good about it too. You'll never be able to tackle everything at once.