What's a new skill you're learning or want to learn this year?

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Martins Gouveia
Tailwindcss and Nuxt.js.
Rowe Morehouse
✓ Technical Writing following the Google Developers Technical Documentation Guidelines.
Brett B
I learnt Vue.js because Angular 2 is a mess (as are all the other frameworks) and I just wanted something simple on my frontend. I wouldn't say that Vue.js is simple though :(
@nichelaboratory I see. Well, React.js and Vue.js both are awesome. I prefer React.js if someone wants to start new Frontend frameworks.
Helen Thomas
I am currently learning front-end web development. I wanted to create and design a website. I am presently learning React. :)
@heletoto awesome. Best of luck for your journey. In youtube, there has so couple of awesome content about React.js. My recommendation: 1.
(Free) 2.
Robert Ferguson
I want to learn Japanese, I find the language interesting and enjoyable. I hope I'll be able to fully understand Hiragana :)