How to get your first ten customers?

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* Know Them Personally * Avoid Hard Customers * Charge Customers * Qualify Customers These four key tips are very valuable and important to getting your first ten customers - Michael Seibel. What approach did you take to get your first ten customers?


Mitchell Gibson
I narrow down my target market, then go to the platforms they usually use and give value. You'll find that ideal customers or clients will be the one asking for what you do and what you offer.
What are Hard Customers? Are they "difficult" people or are they people you feel you need to convince?
Matthew Johnson
We spent time in communities where our target audience hung out - like Product Hunt and Indie Hackers - and talked with them, shared insights/ideas, and lots of them eventually tried out our product.
@mattcrail awesome. Yes everyone should get work closely with their customer and target communities. It helps a lot to build a good product for the users. It also helps to save millions of bucks.
Matthew Wildrick Thomas
We're still working on it!
Bilal Chaglani
First ten customers should always be closed when the product is in prototype stage. If possible, charge them in advance too. This will help you gauge how valuable your product would be to them.