What is your biggest apprehension about switching to a newer and better bookmark manager?

Pritam Nanda
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Corvin Deboeser
I've been looking for a good one that covers all bases. So far, I really love raindrop.io - only feature I am missing is taking notes. Otherwise, I like it (and pay for it) because: * It's cross device * It has a decent search * It has tags AND categories to organize stuff * The UX is very well thought through * The chrome extension is very usable As per their roadmap, Raindrop is working on notes. What are things that you want to bring as novelty @pritam_nanda92? I see you are bringing a social component? 😊
Pritam Nanda
@corvin_deboeser I appreciate your inputs. You have listed some incredibly important features of a good bookmarking app. At Findz, we have incorporated all the awesome features that you have mentioned. To add to that, we have built a great search paradigm. We allow users to search across various parameters; even based on the number of emoji reactions that a bookmark has got. We take pride in the social aspects of the app. You can collaborate over bookmarks to plan events, trips and more. Plus, we are going to launch our Safari extension and a web app in the next quarter. We are launching here soon and are currently featured on the upcoming page. (www.producthunt.com/upcoming/findz) I invite you to take a look and even test the app. Thanks.
Rik Roy
UX would be the most important thing for me and since I will be moving from Chrome, easy migration will also be appreciated
Pritam Nanda
Thanks for your response @rik__roy . I agree that moving all bookmarks from Chrome is an important step to migrate to a new bookmarking platform.
Pulkit Varma
A perfect bookmark manager would be one that * could help me get photos from the web pages and applications, * could provide a visual representation to my bookmarks so that I could easily remember what and all it is about, * has a good search mechanism that can help me quickly find as to when and from where I added it, * helps me to organize it the way I want it to. Along with all these, the cherry on top would be to able to share it with my co-workers, friends or family and be able to collaborate with them.