How often do you look for great extensions and add-ons from the browser store?

Pritam Nanda
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Ninad Sail
I always look for add-ons to make my work simplifier
Saqib Ali
I don't normally open the store and surf for new extensions every other day. However, there's a specific set of extensions that need to be there.
Pritam Nanda
@saqib301 Thanks for your response. Just a final follow up question. If you don't visit the store often, how do you get to know about new, useful extensions?
Saqib Ali
@pritam_nanda92 To be honest, most of my inspirations come from colleagues and acquaintances who happen to be using just the extension I needed to solve my problems. I'd say, it's more of a subjective matter, yet word of mouth works great here too.
Nick Pantelidis
Only when I want something specific, and I search if there's something that does what I want. I will rarely go to browser store to look for interesting extensions in general
Pritam Nanda
@nick_pantelidis I would second your thoughts. Thanks for sharing!
shaik ikbhal Basha
atleast once in 6months, some extension i tried , but not using actively recently find extensino which help to reduce or increase tab audio alarm, open tab on given time
Pritam Nanda
@shaik_ikbhal_basha Thanks for sharing! People either get extensions that they have heard about from close circles or the ones that have been using for a while.
Mirton Bay
Very rarely. It's only when I need sth specific. I more often search for add-ons for my TV, like, but not for a laptop browser.
Pritam Nanda
@mirbay Thanks for your response. I agree that most people don't actively hunt in the stores for some new extensions or addons.