What's your favorite app to plan vacations, parties or shopping with friends and family?

Pritam Nanda
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Whether it's for a short weekend trip or an exotic vacation for the holidays, there's always a plan cooking with friends, family or colleagues. With so much planning going on, how do you organize and discuss those ideas with your group?


Take a look at: www.voiaje.com it lets you organize all your travel documents Let me know what you think!
I'm probably the worst person to ask on this, but I'll add my input: I typically book a one-way ticket about a week before traveling, same with booking Airbnb, and then show up, talk with locals or other travelers about excursions, best food/experiences, normal pricing etc. This helps me get a much more authentic feel than online blogs and makes immersion into the culture much more worthwhile. This may change as I am a young single male currently, but worth showing how non-users operate as well (currently traveling all throughout South America, with North Africa/Middle East the rest of the year)
Roman Vorozhtsov
I don't use the app for scheduling. I usually create a chat in telegram!
Amanda Trincher
For this, I just have a list of companies or online shopping apps that help you make orders and purchases quickly. I think that this is the best option, just making orders for everything you need or booking
Stacey L. Travis
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