Which is your favorite web browser?

Pritam Nanda
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Rik Roy
I used to use Chrome all the time but I recently moved to Opera GX and I am liking the experience so far
Pritam Nanda
@rik__roy I understand your passion for gaming would be the top reason to switch to Opera GX.
Ninad Sail
Prefer using Chrome because I'm use to it :)
Pritam Nanda
@ninad_sail Thanks a lot for your response. I use Chrome at all times except for when I am reading. Safari offers an ad-free and distraction-free reading mode that helps me read better and quicker.
Chrome strictly because of ease of integration across devices, as well as utilizing different chrome profiles for when you are working vs not working (or have multiple projects going on and you want to separate them)
Pritam Nanda
@kmkmkm Thanks for your response. Chrome profiles is something that I use as well to separate personal and professional browsing.
Ujjawal Sharma
Mozilla Firefox can alert you if your email address is included in a known data breach, it blocks those annoying allow-notifications popups, it blocks “fingerprinting” browser tracking and it brings its picture in picture video mode to the Mac version.
Pritam Nanda
@ujjawal_sharma I am not a big fan of Firefox. But the points that you mentioned definitely makes it among the most secured browsers. Thanks for sharing!
Firefox. Anyone should use Chrome given all the privacy concerns that have been published over the years.
Smart Browsing Society
Transitioned to Wave Browser recently and I actually really like it