What is the mission of your startup?

Ruben Lozano
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I am re-doing the GoPractice and in the first chapter, the startup explains what is their mission. I am working also on my own mission for myself as a freelancer but also for other startups and personal projects that I am working and I am wondering what your mission is. :) A good mission statement is quick, short, and sticks in people's brains.


I'm working on thesidekick.app - a productivity tool to help you block internet distracts and run deep work focus sessions. Our mission is to empower you to be who you would be if you weren’t distracted. :) I like how you're working on a mission for yourself - like a personal mission statement. Inspired me to do the same ty! :)
Ruben Lozano
@allison_mui Thanks for sharing your mission. Good to have ideas about other startups. Yes, I think it is quite useful to understand your mission as a professional. What is my mission? Why do I want to work for this startup? It helps to understand your own path. Cheers,
Sven Radavics
Our mission is to help brands lower their customer acquisition costs and increase their reach by making partnerships easier.