CMOs, Head of Marketing and Growth Managers, how do you use Notion? What do you use it for?

Ruben Lozano
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I think Notion is being used by a vast majority of startups. I would like to know how do you use it and what for. I know there are other options like Coda, Slite or Evernote or even Airtable or Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets. I am just want to know more about how you use it. Thanks. :)


Carsten Pleiser
Hey Ruben, at we use Notion for our public roadmap and internally as a lightweight weekly goal planner. We also use Notion to manage our upcoming Product Hunt launch. For my side projects, I use Notion to manage client inquiries (I've linked my Tally Forms to a Notion database), job applicants, SOPs and team management. Hope this helps.
Ruben Lozano
@ckpleiser thanks a lot Carsten. Really helpful. I see that you use Notion as a main place to create and organise ideas and tasks. Thanks for your feedback. I use Notion for almost for everything too that requires to have a unique place to add all kind of ideas and not having in different platforms or formats. Interesting. Good luck with your launching! :) Cheers,
Elena Kuvshinova
Mostly for SMM-planning (Calendar view is amazing). I love to use Notion for short-time roadmaps, announcements and partners lists. We also have public hiring section:)
Ruben Lozano
@elena_kuvshinova thank you Elena! :D Yes, the table inline adding different kind of views where you can choose for the same data different ways is really useful. I saw that first in Airtable and I found it really useful to see the same data in a different way to sort or visualise. Thanks for your comments. Good luck with your hiring process. :) Cheers,
Daniel Engels
We use Notion extensively for our internal collaboration. It's where all the different pieces of work come together.