What is the best marketing growth hack that you actually used and saw results?

Brandon Gaille
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Here is one of my all time favorites... Writing Pillar Statistics Posts to Get Loads of Quality Passive Backlinks I have used a pretty simple formula to get over a 1000 unique referring domain backlinks every year. Step 1 Find the keyword statistic phrases in your niche that have a search volume of 50+. For example, if you had a dog blog or website, then some of the phrases would be; dog bite statistics, dog owner statistics, service dog statistics. Step 2 Look at the first two pages of Google results and identify the post with the most statistics by looking at the titles. If the highest number is "37 Dog Bite Statistics," then your post title would take it a notch higher with "50 Eye Opening Dog Bite Statistics." Step 3 Compile a great blog post with a list of 50 stats and organize them for easy scanning. Every time a news reporter has a story about a dog attack, they go straight to Google looking for some stats to include in their article. They typically click on the Google result with the highest number in the title. After they grab a stat or two from your post, they link the stat on their article back to your post. What's your best growth hack?


Sune B. Thorsen
That's a really brillant idea, thanks for sharing 👏 I have two growth hack tips that has worked well for me in the past: 1) Curate Twitter for the best tweets / suggestions / insights about a certain topic and embed them all into a blog post. Share this blog post on Twitter and tag the individual users who tweeted the tweets included in the blog post. 2) Create a giveaway by contacting peers in your industry and ask them for vouchers / free copies of their products. Then run a huge giveaway event where you promote your own and their products and give them away for free to lucky winners who have to signup via email to participate. This can work well for everyone involved if there's a good overlap between your and your peers' customer-base.
Brandon Gaille
@sunebthorsen I love the Twitter growth hack! Simple and original.
Sune B. Thorsen
@sunebthorsen @danneniko Thanks. And the best part is that you can do it monthly, depending on niche you're in ;)
Max Kamyshev
Man, we must try it asap!
Rhys 💬
Nice growth hack! I recently finished 101 Ways To Get New Users & Clients Online on Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/l/5u4a I'll pick 3 at random from the 100+ ways: 1: Reverse Social Media Lead Generation If you need to sell your services, consider using Twitter. For example, if you own a flower shop, search on Twitter, 'where can I buy flowers?'. Relevant Tweets will pop up, which you can respond to with information about your flower shop services. 2: Job Outreach You can use job outreaches to sell your business services. Job outreach entails applying for a relevant job vacancy with a custom yet promotional resume. For example, a search engine optimisation agency might apply for an SEO position. 3: Create A Down-Sell Most people ignore down sells, but they are a great way to get new prospects to convert at a lower price point. A down-sell can be a smaller service, limited usage, or limited time. Typically, down sells can later lead to upsells. If people want more, let me know and I'll post some :)
Brandon Gaille
@consultantrhys I use a version of #3 on my online course checkout page via exit intent popup. The checkout only offers the full lump sum payment. The exit intent offers a monthly payment.
Rhys 💬
@consultantrhys @brandongaille Love it! I use it for something similar, offering them a discounted limited-time price. Seems to work well :)
Matt MacPherson
@consultantrhys Downsells are great. I do a 7 day $1 trial targeted at users who have not purchased after a week.
John Mirochnik
In my case, joining relevant Facebook forums worked. My app (Company 360 for iOS) provides stock market research, therefore I joined 4-5 forums for traders and investors that use bare-bones trading platforms like Robinhood. I typically post few responses once a day to a popular topic/question and I include screenshot and link to my app. When I reviewed AppStore statistics, it showed products page sources split close to 50/50 between AppStore searches and Facebook app/website. In addition, someone from one of the forums reposted the link in WhatsApp so I’m now seeing views from WhatsApp as well. The only problem is to convert free-version users to subscribers. Right now I’m adding new features for subscribers only and AppStore alerts all users about the update which will hopefully increase conversions. I do one new feature per update now - frequent updates mean frequent notifications to all users.
Brandon Gaille
@john_mirochnik Facebook groups are a gold mine of highly target audiences!
Fritz Brumder
Building on the "recap" blog strategy, we did a Product Launch Playbook blog post. It clearly outlines our strategy - which we give away - but also uses the social proof and evidence that Zipcan received. We curated content from Product Hunt, Twitter and PR. Search 'zipcan product launch playbook' to check it out.
advait vaidya
Not a growth hack but a small question.. advait vaidya I'm an indie maker and I love to create products for the people out there. But whenever I try to do sales and marketing, I start lacking. I want to ask the PH community that how they contact a marketer which can work on it also as an indie project and make money with profit sharing or equity model. Also, is there any platform where makers can connect with sales peeps and marketers?
Brandon Gaille
@advait_vaidya There is a big demand for tech co-founders. Here is a post with links to best communities where you can find a co-founder with the marketing skills to go with your tech skills. https://designli.co/blog/how-to-...
Growth Hacking is always a little in the grey zone, this one have worked alot for me: Step 1 Create/buy a fake personal Facebook profile Step 2 Join a bunch of relevant FB communities with the fake profile and your own Step 3 Write posts from the fake personal profile with your service/product and then interact with your own profile.
Vladimír Seman
@johan_duus_terkelsen so you will be writing to yourself :-) what is it good for?
@johan_duus_terkelsen @vladojsem Yes :) Firstly to make sure the posts gets activity for more reach, and then also have "another" person show interest in your product, and ask the questions that have a positive impact on your post/product
Ravikumar Gowda
So, I'll share a few that have worked for me. if you want to rank for a keyword that has high competition and difficulty. For example keyword "Cred Offers". here are the things I did to make it rank 1 on google in 5 weeks. Copy the meta description, title of the content ranking 1st on google search for that keyword. Optimise it with month and year in the content, meta description and SEO title. Try to insert a table with the keyword and the month, year. Run some Google search ads on that landing page for the similar keywords as soon you make the 1st changes. Voila. You can at least rank the keywords on the 1st page of Google Unless the competition is too much and the competitors keep upping their game. For the Cred offers, we are ranking above Cred official website https://www.google.com/search?q=... Social media hack Find you competitor and influencers (that have the same/ almost same target audience as your business) Instagram post that they have put that particular day. Comment a witty line(don't be mean. be genuine, put some trending line with a twist) on their post, create brand witty wars, make your team like the comment to raise it to the top. Your brand feed gets a lot of impressions, views. If you want to grow your telegram channel/ community for your brand Make a video showing your used cases, one static creative with the same copy. Run Facebook ads with target audience and increase your telegram traffic. For eg: Flipshope extension telegram channel it has features such as auto apply coupon, price tracker,- we made two ad creatives and ran ads on the telegram channel link. Our subscribers count grew by 40%. Target audience- people who like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio and some influencers. We tested it out with 3 creatives, one worked the best and it was the most simple video.
I made a plugin WordPress that automatically generates alt texts seo friendly using AI (ImageSEO). It saves a ton of time with people dealing with a huge quantity of images. So, we made a rule (about 1 minute is needed to fill out an empty alt). We crawl the website and identify the number of empty alt and instantly calculate how much time it can save to people and we display it up front : « You have 20000 empty alt tags, the plugin will save you X minutes. » This has skyrocked our conversion rates (about 10%). Bottom line: find a personalized sale argument that instantly illustrate the added value of your product. This is more about conversion rather than acquisition, but I thought it could help to share it with you!
Chen Reuven
Love it! Excellent post
Serge Schukin
making stickers (really good ones, so it took some time to design & find appropriate production) and dispatching them free on our meet-ups let us spread the word among core audience and helped to fill our #tceh coworking – 150 spots – in less than 4 months 🖖
Jeremy Cleverly
Some of the answer would depend upon what type of product or service you are selling. Prior to my current venture (which I will come back to) I owned an urgent care company. We sold a service, but it was more of a top of mind than anything. To that end we ran monthly Facebook contests - Like, Comment, Share for a change to win "x" Usually a prize worth a couple hundred bucks; something made up of a few smaller items that looked appealing in a picture we would post. I usually wouldn't have to promote the post at all and we'd get thousands of views. A second thing we did was "random acts of kindness" about once a week or every other week where we would pick a local small business and deliver them cookies or cupcakes or similar. We'd take a pic with them and post it on our social media. With regard to my current venture - an app based company (www.homepageapp.com) my partners and I have been discussing running a contest as well - install for a chance to win "x". Somewhat a different industry for me. Any have thoughts or experience as far as what has worked perviously for start-up budget friendly tech-based giveaways?
Welly Mulia
This is a great idea. Although we are currently not in a position to create content (we focus on direct email outreach), will keep this in mind and try it later on. Thanks again!
Abhishek Singh
I think different industries have different amount of success with the same. For a UGC/Social/Gaming platform, viral/controversial/unusual content typically works well, but that may not yield such great results for a consumer goods or a marketplace/Pay-as-you-go product, as they should only be interested in users who end up spending money. The product has to solve problems, and amplifying the gains that early users made is a good way to get traction. Referrals and incentives prove helpful here.
Bikash Kampo
Joining and collaborating with groups - Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram Bit tedious but very helpful. This gave around 40% of the traffic and 63% of user onboarding.
Elle Werle
This is an amazing idea @brandongaille !! I just wrote an article of 99 stats for my company 😎 Thank you all for these amazing ideas! I'm excited to get to work
Dejon Brooks
Im starting to pay youtube influencers for dedicated video reviews only. No 30-2min ads, its either the entire video or nothing. On my most resent ad i payed $300, it got around 5,000 views and i generated 900 signups from that. Or in other words around $.30-.35 cents/signup with two users purchasing my annual subscription on my highest tier.