How many people signed up to use your product in the first 30 days and what did you learn?

Brandon Gaille
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Please list: -your product -when you launched -how many signups you had in your first 30 days -where you are now -and any lessons learned


Tasos Valtinos
- Product: QnA app for startup founders to learn and grow ( - June 2020 - 216 signups in a month. But we had our waitlist ready before launching - Now we have 1.5k users across 12 countries. - During the first 30 days every day was a lesson, simply because everything was wrongly done hah! Bug fixes and UI improvements constantly for the first 2-3 months.
Brandon Gaille
@tasos_valtinos How many people were on your waitlist when you launched?
Tasos Valtinos
@brandongaille Awesome question, 3x the number that joined us in the first week. Then I found a research saying, always expect 15-20% from your waitlist to actually use your product.
Hwei Oh
@tasos_valtinos - thanks for sharing, but curious to know if you had to go out to multiple sources to create your waitlist?
Tasos Valtinos
@hwei_oh we mainly used direct email, and linkedin to approach the right founders for our app. We almost had 1k in the waitlist, however only 200-300 joined right away.
Pieter Limburg - We had 15 users in our first 30 days - Most of them were friends and family - All of them provided direct feedback 15 months later our product has been used over 200,000 times in 150+ countries by 4,500+ companies. The feedback of these first 15 users was valuable, even though you have to balance it somewhat. My friends and family do not hold back :) now, we regularly ask for feedback and this stil determines our product roadmap.
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