What has been the biggest learning regarding your business this year?

Helene Auramo
4 replies
Let's share some of the learnings you have had in 2020-2021. Think about business, product, team, leadership, etc. :)


Jan-Joachim Müller
I tended to wait to long and we have a saying here in germany which goes something like: 'rather start imperfectly than wait perfectly' thus I decided to just push https://www.thebaite.com online despite not having much to offer at the moment, because I realized that my business will be an ever changing process and therefore waiting will not benefit anyone.
Nelli  Orlova
@m_jan_joachim very good point. I also sometimes have to repeat it to myself and to teammates that are trying to reach perfection :-)
Sune B. Thorsen
That when you're in the daily grind, it can be impossible to see obvious ways to improve. Sometimes, you really need to take a step back and re-evaluate and re-prioritize. Sometimes, that can mean not working at all for a few weeks to get a new perspective on things :)
Hugo Twist
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