Do you know people familiar with humane tech & conscious business?

Helene Auramo
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Hi! Since I started my startup Prönö (, I have been building the business with conscious business methods. Humane tech is one approach that I have been using in designing our service. However, I have found it very difficult to find people who are interested and skilled with these areas. If you know the others or you are one who is interested/knows about these topics, please let me know, I would love to discuss with you more. <3 P.S. I'm especially looking for developers, designers and business people. :)


Vishesh Nagpal
Hi Helene, I am holding the background space and overall tech at Artistry of Awakening ( I am devoted to the idea of people first growth and our grounding at AoA is very conscious :) I'd love to chat and discuss more.
Dave Poly
I'm very interested in this topic - mainly ethical businesses and biz leaders - but haven't had the chance to fully research it yet. Let me know what you find and I'll do the same!
Helene Auramo
@davepoly Thank you for your comment. I will get back to you. :) And also, let me know if you find something interesting. <3
Ankit Chhabra
I have worked with a client and built an app and a website ( for him. I think you two would make a great connection. If you like what he did with his app, i’d love to connect you with him. :)
Helene Auramo
@shrutika22lodhi Would be great to connect with him. I love the idea of the app. Will test if for sure. :)