Is there a service to find accountability buddies?

Helene Auramo
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I think that accountability is very important in doing your startup, but is there a place to find an accountability buddy?


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You can join our private startup community: πŸš€ πŸ‘‰ We share our weekly goals inside the community. πŸ‘‰ Every 2 weeks, we have mastermind calls where you can share your current struggles and other founders advise you. πŸ‘‰ You can ask for feedback or help anytime on our Discord server.
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@ichangetheway +1 for I recently joined, and they're a friendly bunch :)
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100 Days of No Code from @maxhaining and NoCodeDevs from @nocodedevs are two outstanding communities for finding accountability buddies, building in public, and finding educational resources. Highly recommend both!
Join a community. Makerlog, OnDeck and countless small communities are there. If not, you can always create your community on Indiehackers.
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At Disney they call these accountabillibuddies. Best. Word. Ever. Pioneer is kinda good at this.
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Are you looking for a buddy specific for startup operations or life in general?