What educational platforms are you using for startup education?

Andres Campo
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Harinivas P
Ycombinator is the best!
Andres Campo
@harinivas_p do you know about any others? what would you say you are missing from the YC platform.
Edward Campbell
Ycombinator is a great platform for education, I agree. It is very cool that now there are so many different applications, services that can help in learning. For example, last week I contacted a company https://edusson.com/write-my-speech that helps me write my speech. It's a speech I have to give to my classmates at the university. It's very important to me.
Melissa Milan
Yes, indeed, the use of various educational platforms greatly facilitates the educational process. This also applies to services that help students cope with difficulties when enrolling in a university. At this stage, the statement of purpose writing service helped me a lot. My writing skills are very weak, and the professionals made high-quality writing paper for me very quickly. I'm so happy that I found them. Maybe someone will find this useful too.
Isabelle Owens
Pakistangk is one of my favorite education hubs and you can get authentic data of general knowledge, you can visit this site https://www.pakistangk.com/ which is awesome. The administrations presented by them are interesting and reliable.
Leah Peev
Depending on the use case, you might look into oVice - we have several education-focused organizations that love our virtual environments for hosting group learning sessions, more organic meetups and collaborative work. Feel free to take it for a spin here: https://tour-en.ovice.in/