How to get early traffic?

Andres Campo
4 replies
Hi everyone! I have been experimenting with different channels and I haven't gotten the traffic I'm looking for our product. Any suggestions?


Gleb Braverman
Hello Andres! I think it's best to use as many free channels as possible. This includes forums, communities, slack groups, chats and word of mouth. Some of my favourite slack communities you can share your product on: - Lenny's Newsletter community is amazing, I believe you need to sign up for his newsletter to get access! - This week in startups by Jason Calacanis (37k members) - Acquired (7k members) - The Product Folks (7k members) Sharing it on Twitter, HackerNews, HackerNoon and other sites is also great!
Andres Campo
@gleb_braverman Thank you for the tips, Gleb, partly why I'm also spending time here is because of that.
David Gregorian
In case the free channels don't work out you can always try ads & sponsored posts. Investing a little bit in ads, in the beginning, is totally fine in my opinion. But you gotta be careful with that approach :)
Andres Campo
@david_gregorian That's what we have been thinking, I think we would give it a try in the next weeks.