WE ARE LIVE! I'm launching in here because I can't "officially" launch on PH's main page

Andres Campo
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I hunters! This is my official launch on Product Hunt! YES, really. Since my product has a time-based component, I won't be featured on the main page of PH, and that's completely understandable. Nevertheless! I have found great support and feedback in this community in the past months, and I wanted to let you know what we have launched! We are launching our 4th and best cohort yet of the "Startup Idea Program," what's this about, you might ask yourself?! LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT! Our Startup Idea Program teaches and helps founders a process to testing and validating startup ideas. We help people early in the process that are on the fence about jumping on building something because they don't know how to or need guidance in the process. We have built a 4-week, part-time, fully remote, flexible program for early-stage founders to learn serious skills to test startup and product ideas. Each week focuses on a different element around developing a real prototype that can be tested with the market and learning what the data is telling you about it. We help you develop a strategy with your learnings and make sure you are ready for the market during the last week. We partner you up with other founders and match with mentors who can help you and give you feedback on your idea and the process. Here is a recap of what you get! - Access to two founders per team - Four-weeks hands-on program - 20 HR+ of focused work - Mentorship with top talent - Life-long access to our learning platform - Life-long access to our community - Over €5,000 worth of perks * Sessions are hosted on evenings CET or early-afternoons in most American time zones* If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments. If you are interested in the program, please let me know, and I will share a discount for people on PH with you. Here is the link to the program ⬇️ https://www.buildupcamp.com/star...


Andres Campo
Founder @Buildup Camp
If this is not for you, I would appreciate it you give it some love so we get some traction and more people learn about Buildup Camp.
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Congratulations :) Your landing page looks great 🔥
Annie Lei
Revenue and Strategy @ PathMatch
Great idea! I do a lot of work with Startups and this is a great way to get some early mentorship.