What does community-led growth mean to you?

Eithiriel DeMeré
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Philip James
There's two major parts for me. One is having a product that clearly solves your community's needs, something they're vibrating with excitement about. Two is having support in place for your community growing your product. This could look like affiliate programs, discussion spaces, easily-shareable wins from the product, and a team that cares about the community at every level. (We're trying to practice this at Burb, so excited to see what others chime in with!)
Lazaro Fuentes
Most people would say that community lead growth is about turning your users into your greatest advocates, so that they are out telling everyone about how great your product is. What community lead growth means to me is rooted in how well we listen "genuinely" to our community, and take in their feedback in a way that they feel like a part of your process. Making users feel like you get them and their needs.
Jaakko Timonen | Founder at nonono.com
Communities as the main growth engine generating word of mouth.
Qudsia Ali
For us, Community-led growth is turning our product's users into its best advocates, who go on to share their experiences using our product with their peers.
Tadeusz Szewczyk (Tad Chef)
Good question. It's the essence of social SEO. Once the people involved spread the word you don't need to push your products anymore and waste money on ads that get clicked by bots.
Rosie Sherry
A company that truly invests in and cares for the community and ecosystem they serve. There's some other varying definitions here - https://village.rosie.land/t/wha...