What do you love vs hate about social media?

Nicole Ogloza
12 replies
can be anything from features, to the system as a whole :)


Pablo Fatas
Love how easy it is to check up on how the people I care about are doing no matter where they are. Hate that most people do not chose what they want to consume on social media but instead it is decided by an algorithm to try and keep you as hooked on your phone as possible while also spending as much money as possible.
Nicole Ogloza
@pablo_fatas interesting thought. What do you think about an interactive news/social media? one that doesn't curtail you into a rabbit hole of nonsense, but something that might educate you (though AI and crowdsourcing) for real information?
Pablo Fatas
@nicole_ogloza This would be ideal but this makes a lot less money. These insidious algorithms is what keeps so much of the content we consume free and easly available.
Ryan Gilbert
Love: how easy it is to connect with people you would otherwise have no intro to Hate: the constant "trends" that everyone feels the need to jump onto for engagement. just be authentic.
Nicole Ogloza
@ryangilbert interesting. never thought about the trend piece! tal about FOMO!
Jens Hassler
We made our thoughts about this topic and put the essence into a new app: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Things like the attention extraction economy and the surveillance capitalism of today's big players concern me the most. I think that building products solely on the pillars of the advertising industry is a no-go, leading to very bad impacts on society as a whole. The movie "the social dilemma" is very good in transporting this. Changes always start with small steps and optimism. I hope that others will follow.
Will Olson
Love: Finding new people and hearing about their projects and thougths Love: Catching up on world events Hate: How I can just get pulled down pointless rabbit holes or doom-scrolling
Nabeel Amir
It is a massive opportunity for small businesses and founders to create awareness about their products. I hate it because it is addicting, and it plays a significant role in polarizing people.
Cris Barbs
Love how easily you can check up on your fam, or check out a new resto nearby. But hate how it consumes most of my time and hate people posting negative vibes.
James Hollston
I really like how fast and easy you can check up on poeple i care about. And i really hate the censorsip in every kind of social media, we don't have the ability to really talk about some things the way we want to do it.