What decision really helped you after burnout?

Roman Manzenko
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Effective recommendations are interesting when burnout has already happened. Need advice from both work situations and domestic or family situations. Any suggestions? ๐Ÿ˜Š


Luka Vasic
At the end of the last year, I noticed I was getting very burned out. One day I just couldn't work anymore and went out for a 2h walk. 5 months later, still doing daily walks. Every day I go for a 30min walk, without my phone. So refreshing.
Roman Manzenko
@luka_vasic Definitely, walking is a relief. The only question remains, where to allocate time for this?
Luka Vasic
@mamanko For me it started with throwing out the trash. Every day I go out to throw out trash, and one day I just started going out throwing trash and walking for 15-20 more minutes around my town.
Dow Osage, MBA
It depends somewhat on the burnout & source. For instance is it work stress / the office, home stress / partnership, and or societal / existential stress? I'm a single parent working from home in a start-up during a global pandemic also in a long-distance relationship. And do you know what I decided was the wisest way to mitigate these stresses? Go to college. It's crazy, but it gave me something to do with my mind that I loved and was just for me. I'm not saying you should go to school but you might think of something selfish to celebrate you and being alive. Even if its frivolous. There are free and cheap certificate programs on Coursera or EdX. Topics range from tech to classical music and back again. If courses aren't your jam, meditation and/or working out can also turn your life into a whole new experience. Especially once you see & feel even small changes, it's very rewarding. Either way, I guess I'm advocating shaking up your schedule, values, and put your Self in the center.
Roman Manzenko
@dow_osage Thanks for the option. I think that many interested people know about these course resources even without mentioning them in posts))
Roman Manzenko
@dow_osage Thanks for the reminder of existential stress. I agree that salvation from burnout depends on the specific situation. But often burnout occurs as a result of the imposition of three directions at once. Work is mutually reflected in everyday life and all this is still subject to social torment.
Roman Manzenko
For myself, I found a solution to go into:
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Zhiyuan Ju
After graduating from college in 2019, I joined the open-source movement (devoting more time and energy to the API gateway project Apache APISIX and its community) and, based it on, started a business with friends. In the past three years, I have gained a lot (made a lot of friends, was able to let go and do many things) and a lot of sadness, and I am an optimist and only sad when it comes to feelings. At the beginning of this year, I had some disagreements with my partner on several things. I was also very stubborn. For nearly two weeks, no one paid attention to anyone. I thought of many negative items and told myself to stop for a while and go out to rest for a while. After chatting with my friends, they suggested that I communicate frankly with my partner, so the next day, I drove to another city to find a partner and talked for an afternoon, putting all my concerns, doubts, etc. Things were discussed in turn, and then the knot in my heart opened. 1. Go out for a while; 2. Talk with your friends.
Siena Romes
Taking a break on weekends. It's now important for me to take those breaks since burnout is real.
Nabeel Amir
After my burnout, I learned that being content is very powerful and can help stop burnout. After learning this, I started focusing more on what I achieved today instead of looking at what I didn't.
Joanne Hurley
Taking breaks at weekend without guilt and being proactive about mental health good practice. Regular checkings with a therapist even if I feel ok.
Hina Ashfaq
Yoga is the best thing that can help anyone out adter burnout.
Martina Hackbartt
To not overwork myself (I mean, I'm still getting there, but I'm trying!). I have a job, I'm also doing 2 careers and doing an internship in a research lab. Last week, after not being able to stop for weeks, I fell sick right before exam week. My body literally forced me to stop in the worst moment ever. But I think I've learnt my lesson: it doesn't make any sense to be active for 16hrs/day if I'm getting myself burnt out. I should be able to stop rushing and always chasing the next thing in life.
Caleb Leong
1)Not the most eco-friendly. But i would ride my motorcycle- no destination. And just clear my thoughts and tell myself its okay. 2)Journal, i take the time to find peace and share my thoughts on why i feel this way. Often when i ask whats the worst that could happen (within reasonable parameters), I feel more restful and ready to take on life.
Prioritise self care - that was my best decision. Following by taking ALL the necessary actions to prioritise self care and ELIMINATING the root cause of the stress and burnout. But in general, when we get sick or burnout, it's just our body's way of telling us to slow down, take care, and realign. Keep close what is good for your soul and leave out all the rest. At least until you get back on your feet. And then - go on and change something about what got you there in the first place.