What CRM-like tools would you recommend for a startup with some field service involved?

Alex Lashkov
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Hey there! Recently, I've run a small research on whether it is possible to use CRM to efficiently manage field employees (a friend of mine is running one). The results were interesting, however I still did not make a final decision on how to proceed. For now, I've shortlisted three tools: - https://www.planadoapp.com/, an FSM tool that claims to be more effective as a CRM. - https://www.eway-crm.com/, this works with Outlook, which is one of our mail clients we use. - https://www.espocrm.com/, some folks on Reddit advised this, but I am concerned whether this is a really good fit for a field management. Salesforse is out of the budget, can't count on it. What would you choose among these three, or maybe there are other alternatives?


Scott Dunstan
CEO of SocialEpoch www.wascrm.com
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