How do you manage your IP for the software startup? (money wise)

Alex Lashkov
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Hey there! The situation is that I have a SaaS startup (AI writing assistant and language skill improvement app). We are based in the US (C-Corp), have a local and European trademarks, however, our customers and users are located throughout the world. We already see some IP threats and folks trying to mimic our brand, copy-pasting features in countries like Brazil, etc. So, the question is, how I can take full control of our IP and legal protection given that we are a startup with a small team, relatively tiny budget, etc. I've found the article ( where along with the advice like using the PPA filings and working with local attorney in the countries we want to get protected they recommend implementing an IP management system. Would you do that, and what are your approaches to global brand and IP protection? Any recommendations on how to build the process and save a buck?
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