No-code vs low-code. Which one to choose?

Alex Lashkov
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Hey makers! I'd like to speed up the development for my SaaS startup (AI-based writing assistant called Linguix). So, I got over the no-code and low-code approaches. There are a bunch of no-code development platforms promoting themselves here and there, but also I've found articles (will share in comments) where they claim that no-code is only good for building smth very limited, while low-code is more flexible, but still requires coding. What was your experience here? Were you able to build smth cool with no-code/low-code (share links in comments)? And how do I choose between these options?


Alex Lashkov
Here is the article that triggered the question: what do you think?
How can you build an AI-based writing assistant with no or low code?
Alex Lashkov
@enderm You cannot, but maybe, you could automate some tasks or speed up the development of different part of the project. Do you have any experience with such things?