Is this the time to start experimenting with low-code?

Alex Lashkov
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Hey there! I am now evaluating options for speeding up/optimizing the software development in my startup (AI-based writing assistant The question is: according to your opinion and experience, is this a good time to experiment with low-code? Articles like this one ( assume that yes, but are such tools really sustainable now, or are they still at their early stage, and it will be hard to get any viable results from using them?


Fabian Maume
Bubble is quite stable and has a big community around. There is even dev agency focus on it: I would say the main issue of low-code is the running cost. Any low-code infra is quite expensive in comparison to the do-it-yourself option. When your business reaches a certain scale you might need to refactor in order to save cost. The main advantage of low-code is the possibility to ship faster in order to harvest user feedback.
Anil Meena
Yes, it is now very easy to experiment and put MVP in place with no code/low code tools... of course it might not be a scalable option but good for testing and validation. However, these could be expensive as subscribing or buying all the plans of this different no-code tool is pretty heavy. But I guess that's where we are headed, where designing and building products should be easy.