What are your top 5 free tools for marketing your startup?

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Alina Ihnatiuk
Social Media Marketing 🇺🇦 - 🇵🇱 - 🇷🇺 - 🇺🇸
Mention. Loom Buffer. ... TweetDeck. ... Canva
Co-Founder of Avidnote. PhD researcher.
@antonovna Canva is so essential to me as well. I haven't tried the other ones though.
Fabian Maume
Founder of Tetriz.io
Phantombuster Missinglettr V3 Smartlook Qualitative Analytics Linkedin & Quora but those are platform not tools
Ana Sofia Zuluaga
Marketing @ Lingopie
Google Trends Canva Later Medium And I'm gonna go with Social Media as a free tool as well
Solomon Bush
Founder - Log🌲Harvestor
I saw a YouTube video the other day by a SaaS guy where he broke down some helpful marketing strategies. Here's the link:
Some of the ideas sound kinda cheesy, but who knows, maybe it works :)
Jared Cornell
Customer Support Expert! ProProfs
I believe there are two kinds of marketing tools. One, that can help you with direct marketing, and others that can help you become a better brand (through speedy customer service or strong social media presence). Indirect marketing tools: 1. ProProfs Help Desk 2. Buffer Direct marketing tools: 3. BIGContacts 4. Qualaroo 5. Survey Monkey