Can you share the story of how you founded your startup?

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Paul Mit
Sure, I can share FlowMapp ( story: 4 years ago we were a small web studio doing web sites and graphic design. We were looking for a sitemap tool that would be usable for our projects → finding nothing, we started an internal side-project. At first we spent 5% of our time on it, then 10%, 30% and so on. A year later we closed the studio and became a product team. Now we are: Saas, bootstrap, no VC, 4 years, 230k users, x2.5 YoY, team 5→21. And all thanks to not being able to find the right service 😅
Leah Houston
A hospital stole my identity in 2017 - they were using my name and likeness to bill for patient care under someone elses (non-physicians) name. I knew about decentralized identity already, and realized I needed to build the decentralized identity solution for doctors and create the DAO of doctors so I did:)
@leahhoustonmd Whoa! This is powerful. I did not know something like this could happen.
Leah Houston
Crazy right @enderm? I’ve now heard from a few others who have had the exact same thing happen and many many many more who have had a parallel experience demonstrating a pervasive problem.
Kiran Kanakadandi (
Yep -- building Yuga ( now. Comes from my discomfort with the rat race. Most people spend most of their life's most precious resources -- time, mindshare and energy -- on their careers, but barely have an idea of the outcomes they want. So when the company I was working for got acquired by a culturally off company, I decided to quit and start solving this problem. Taking baby steps, of course.
Canna AI Hemp
I originally started out just as an ai-generated artist that only did NFT on various platforms, but my sales halted so I searched other avenues, and I looked into just about everything toll I saw a commercial for Redbibble, well a light went off in my head I could do that now 6 online stores later, 5 NFT platforms, I'm exploring everything AI from publishing books to writing and composing music. I tell myself that one day it will all be with worth it. I sit and think to myself when will enough be enough for me, here I am 46 years old, and I just can't even believe just how how much things have changed since in the computer world since Those good old either black and white or Green computer screens, and I just keep going.