Any remote teams here? Looking for tips for must-have software tools for working remotely

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Feel free to share any good suggestions you may have.


Zenkit Projects is great for assigning tasks, track progress of work in the team. In addition, Zenchat will be helpful for team communication. P.s: I work for Zenkit so it might be biased. But we use our own products for collaborating with remote teams. Would recommend a try since our tools have free plans anyways! :)
Hello, Abderisak! I'd recommend using online-whiteboard. It really helps systematize information. We use This online whiteboard has a broad functionality - you can create colored cards, combine them into lists, make connections between them, you can download any file into the whiteboard, share it with colleagues. That is convenient and vely helpful!
Isabel Nyo
There are many tools for remote teams, but I personally think having systems and processes are more important. The tools cannot help much if people are not using them effectively. For eg: you can pick Evernote or Notion or Trello or Confluence or Google docs for document sharing, but if there is no process on when to share the knowledge or what kind of knowledge should be shared then there is no benefit to using any of the tools.
@eisabai Good point. We often think a tool is going to be the difference-maker but often, the process underlying the tools are far more important. Well said.
Martina Hackbartt
Hi Abderisak! Alongside my team, we are creating ReSkript ( It's a document collaboration tool aimed at small and medium-sized teams. It has a project section (workspace) where you can co-create folders, documents, and communicate right there with the chat feature. If you try it, let me know! We still have lots of space to improve :)
Victor W. von Buchstab
We use Notion & Slack: The MyRide901 team is spread distributed between India & Canada--Toronto/Calgary/Vancouver--so it's not often that we are all online at the same time. Notion is our virtual head office, with panels for Product Development, Customer Development, Finance & Admin, etc. In the Marketing panel, we have a calendar for planning our SMM posts: When you click on a square, it opens a Form (table with a List view) where the various team members contribute to "their" fields. E.G., the SMM Lead adds the (future) date/time a post will be published and the cutoff date/time for feedback, attaches proposed content (or links to content) for review, and checks a checkbox indicating content is ready for review. This sends a notification to the rest of us that the content is open for review. We provide feedback in the Comments fields. Then, once the SMM Lead has updated content based on feedback, she checks a "Changes made" checkbox; then we review/comment and check an "Approved" checkbox... This is just one of many use cases. We also use Slack extensively for communicating via channels--e.g. a #testing channel where the DevTeam & QATeam come together to collaborate* on bugs/fixes. *Choosing my words carefully; some of the discussions get pretty lively; we're all still friends and no one takes anything personally; it's all about delivering a clean product for our customers. Whew! Did I just type all that? I gotta lay off the espresso. Seriously, I hope it was of some value; happy to chat and share my experiences on/off line were helpful.
Take a look at this tool (, you will be able to share iPhone (or iPad) screen remotely easily.
Jonathan Yan
Hey @avidnote ! I work for a tech startup named oVice. Our goal is to we try to address potential hurdles in remote work, such as isolation and collaboration, by allowing our users to access a customizable virtual space (e.g., online office, study space, event, etc.) and interact with other users in real time! You have the ability to chat through a mic, engage in video calls, embed online games to your space and play with each other, and a lot more. If you're interested you can always check out our Tour Space and play around with it to see how we're trying to make Remote Work feel like you're back in the office!