What are your results from using "HARO (Help a Reporter Out)?

Carsten Pleiser
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Experimenting with some early stage HARO outreach. What are your results from this?


Dawn Veltri
I just started again so no results to share yet. But I can tell you at the last company I worked for (different industry) we received a significant amount of free press from it including longer features.
we've used it a couple times and secured some really great press coverage through there actually. helps to have a VA sift through it in the am it can be tedious
David J. Kim
@jason_neuman That's interesting. What was your stage? I don't think it's helpful for early stage startups as a lot of reporters want to talk to at least seed stage founders. But that's from my experience.
@between_team we are pre-seed, in our first year. Our core team has a lot of experience in the area field so maybe that helped. It wasn't like overwhelming the response but we got enough out of it to make it worth our time for sure.
Not used the tool before so I've added it to my pre-launch list. Curious if you can reach out via a specific country (in my case Singapore), as a local launch is more likely to be picked up by the local press.
Alina Ihnatiuk
I have not even heard of such a site. Thank you, I will definitely look at this service.
Marta Olszewska
I've managed to get a few quotes here and there and a whole article published about my entrepreneur story in an american printed magazine, but: 1. Didn't see any tangible results - no backlinks nor traffic (unless its direct traffic I'm unaware of). 2. Realized it was very time consuming to sort through the requests, and write quotes on a very strict deadline. Learnings would be: 1. Set realistic goals for it. How much effort are you going to put in there and what results do you expect? 2. Have a process around it to make it efficient. I think the paid version of HARO which allows you to define keywords would help there.
Jason Grills
Honestly, HARO is great for the press coverage and I seem to agree with others in the comment section as well. Although, early age startups may not find it useful. But as you gain more years on the company, you’ll surely find HARO to be a boon for your business.