What are your preferred notes + reminders apps & why?

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Feeling very overwhelmed with needing to use separate apps for note-taking and reminders to stay organised. Please share any versatile android and windows apps that can provide notes and reminder options in 1, free or paid!


Sven "Locomotive"
I don't know if it is the type of tool you are looking for, but I personally use Trello to take notes and get organised. You can also set reminders by adding them on your calendar.
Nico Spijker
We developed a product that incorporate both Notes and Tasks in one space. Not sure what exact use case you need something for, but it might be worth a look :) https://rock.so/notes & https://rock.so/tasks One of our aims is to reduce the # of apps you used to organize yourself, so we merged everything in one space! It's also has a free forever version :) Super curious what you are looking for and whether this helped, let me know!
@nicolaas_spijker I have just checked it out and it is immensely useful and valuable, thank you so so much for sharing it! Will definitely be sharing it further :D
Kyle Stratis
The only one I need is Roam (https://roamresearch.com). Easily solves the constant problem of my notes being silo'ed (boo folders!) and not easily searchable.
Jeheen Mahmood Zaman
Walling app, Obsidian, Hypernotes, Nimbus, Notion, Roamresearch, Bear, Notejoy, Joplin, Evernote, Onenote are some of the popular ones.
Moo.do or Workflowy for notes and tasks (I like outliners). Moodo also has reminders, though I sometimes set them in google calendar as backup
Edward Park
@ruchira_08 My fav is Apple Notes! It's simple, flawless, easy-to-fine, write and read and it's just a plain note that has been working very well and really good fit to my own use. And, it's free! It's just like a Moleskine note. I tried all different kind of notes out there from evernote to some sophisticated paid apps but I always returned to the original Apple Notes. If you haven't used it and if you are on the Apple ecosystem, I recommend you to try it out. (I'm not an Apple fanatic. I do have Android phone and Windows computer.) I haven't found any reminder that I like so far. If you find anything good - please share with me!
@edward_park_ I agree with apple notes! Personally I think Microsoft One Note is also pretty decent for managing your notes across different platforms