Any advice you could give to someone starting out with developing their product?

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Share any advice you found helpful, or any lessons you learnt throughout the development to publishing on PH process that might also encourage any one going through the same path :D


IT specialist
Have an epic target! Simple target when achieved will lead to success, but it will be only a part of what you could achieve
@jan_mazurek awesome advice, thanks for sharing :D
Co-founder/Taskable, a smart to do list
Launch it as soon as you can. Until real people are using it, its all academic.
@mattcrail that is a very valid point, thank you for sharing!
I am developing a website
I also want to listen to your opinion -
@nikolai223 will definitely check it out, thanks for sharing!
Don't expect miracles, build momentum slowly, and see this as the beginning of a great, long, and developing story that will gain traction over time.
@pieterlimburg amazing advice, thanks for sharing!
Founder, CEO : SAWO Labs
Don't go for perfection, perfection takes a lot of time. A bad product out there > good closeted product. Customer interaction is above everything