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Hi Everyone! We designed to be the best and easiest way to keep your life and thoughts organized. We’ve worked hard to make a powerful organization tool while keeping the UI minimal and easy to use. is available for free on any computer, tablet, or phone and synchronizes all devices and users in realtime - as all modern apps should be - and it works offline too! I hope can make you more organized and I’m happy to answer any questions!
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One of the few things on PH I actually look forward to trying out — it's like the todo/organisation app I've been waiting for.
@itsleesimpson That's quite a compliment! Let me know if it's missing anything that would make it the best app ever.
Love the clean, crisp design. Great landing page. Pretty stoked to give it a whirl.
@alirtariq Thanks! I'm glad you like it. Let me know if you have any feedback or requests.
Love the functionality behind the app. It's all the things I've wanted from Evernote. I have been using Evernote religiously for a couple of years now, but I think I am going to switch to giving this a try. Question regarding the planner, does it integrate with my Google Calendar? or any reminders capabilities? Or if not, any plans to?
@tehsin681 I'm glad you like it! It will integrate with Google Calendar soon. Are you looking for it to save appointments to your calendar or import items from you calendar? We have notifications 30 minutes before due dates but we just found out there was a change in iOS 8 that broke them so that will be fixed in the next update. Is that what you mean by reminders?
@jmeistrich very elegant design. Very impressed. This lead to a discussion in the office about how I think we're going to see a huge change (again) in the programs and apps we use to work and play. I was thinking back to all the early tools I used in the mid 90s and the companies that have come and gone. The ability for small teams to develop and launch products that are very singular but also with a large enough potential user base to support the team is growing. And the number of people finding new ways to process data and inputs, and how that quickly spreads to other programs and becomes standard (swipe left to delete), is also going to only grow. Bottom line (if you couldn't tell), really impressed.
@SacBookReviewer Thanks a lot! We found a lot of ways to cut down on the amount of work it usually takes to make something like this. We're using the Google Drive Realtime API for the backend, so we have very fast and reliable realtime sync without having to maintain the servers. We built everything in HTML5 so we can support all devices and operating systems without a lot of specialized native code for each platform (though getting that to work and be fast was a lot of upfront work). We're hosting on Github so we have no hosting costs. So we have no scaling problems and no cost. It's a pretty nice world we're in now.