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Raphael Ouzan
Founder, BillGuard
I have been using it every day for more than a year now. If you keep your top level nodes tight (Personal, Important info, Project #1, #2, etc.) it's very quick and light to use and better than anything else I know to maintain a log about a particular topic (ideas, thoughts, conversations, etc.). To me the infinitely hierarchical model really fits the way I think. The only downside I have is that the mobile app is sluggish.
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I pretty much live in WorkFlowy and love it! Their newest feature additions (bulk copy/paste, move etc.) really make it worth to be checked out again!
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Pedro ParedesFullstack developer

Usually my thoght process goes from general idea to multiple sub-ideas until I get to doable tasks. No other app that I've tried allows you to do this the way Workflowy does. They all let you group by tag, or notebooks or whatever but they are usually one level grups.


The ability to nest list inside other list items is it's sell point to me. Dividing thoghts into more specific sub-tasks is key for me.


The way to interact with each item is a bit hard although key shortcuts are amazing.

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Jack Smith
Previously co-founded Vungle & Shyp
@rrhoover it's actually the opposite - super light - once you get the hang of it. Check the keyboard shortcuts. I find it to be a great tool.
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Do you use this, @raphaelouzan? It looks useful but heavy. I have a hard enough time maintaining a short stack rank to-do list.
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