What are your go-to market research tools?

Eithiriel DeMeré
17 replies
This question could refer to both go-to market research tools AND go-to-market research tools. See what I did there? 😉 Ex: SparkToro


Jeff Harrell
SimilarWeb, Sparktoro, AnswerThePublic, G2 (to a lesser extent)
Small Biz SEO
aHrefs, Google Search, Google Trends
Richard Juknavorian
Hi Nicole, nice to see you! I am still very much an old-school Gartner user.
Jason Thibault
Audiense, Reddit, Google
Stefano Iotti
Interface pretotyping (Savoia’s way) Keyword tools (Seozoom/Ubersuggest/Semrush) Google tools
Rod Austin
Great question - my faves: - SEMRush - SimilarTech - SparkToro - Crayon - Analytics
Ann Smarty
Sparktoro and Buzzsumo!
Kenny Soto
SparkToro, SEMrush, and Twitter Advanced Search
Siena Romes
Google Trends, Ahrefs, and Ubersuggest.
Qudsia Ali
My go to market research tools are I use google trends, Answerthepublic, Survey Monkey, Analytics etc.
Philip Petrescu
Advanced Web Ranking for Market Share and Visibility in organic search.
Fabian Maume
Scraping Capterra and Trustradius's reviews is quite useful (I have a script for it). Otherwise mining quora with QApop> can give you a nice idea about what people are asking for. SparkToro is definitely a super tool/
gaurav arora
@fabian_maume Interesting, what are some of the relevant datapoints that are of particular interest to you?
Clément Rog
Gut and social media!
vivek dwivedi
commenting here so i can have it saved forever. cheers to folks for suggesting awesome tools, gonna use some of them at lazyapply.com
Spela Mlekuz
Ahrefs, SemRush, BuzzSumo
Alex Ivanov
Hi! I'm from SilverBull (www.silverbull.space). We are engaged in analytics. We accept orders for market research and competitive analysis. Can our services be useful for you or your friends? I am glad to talk and answer questions)