What are your favorite mobile widgets?

Sarah Wright
10 replies
Which iOS or Android widgets do you use the most? I don't use too many but would to hear what others love. I do check my calendar widget on a regular basis and enjoy the history stats from Historico: https://www.producthunt.com/post...


Michael Silber
I use the photos app widget on the top half of my home screen. The "killer feature" is that it has been a great way to remind me to reach out to friends I haven't chatted with in a while
Sarah Wright
@product_at_producthunt Unless its changed, I got super annoyed when the widgets first launched that I couldn't edit the photos widget to only show images from certain widgets, so I could filter out screenshots, etc. But I do think I'm missing out not using it!
Jonathan Massabni
On Android, I use Weather and Calendar widgets approximately 25x a day each. My new favorite though is the number of days until any particular event. For example holidays, milestones, a trip, birthdays, etc. Also the Reuters widget :)
Elena Cirera
Google Keep is my favorite mobile widget. It has helped me to organize my personal and professional life.
Parth Mangukiya
I use Screen time widget on my phone, helps me to be away from the phone and use only when required. It also helps to increase the productivity. I also use Google Calendar widget :)
Rajat Dangi ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ
I use Google Keep widget. It is super useful for me because I take notes very frequently and keep jotting down ideas and things to do.
Michel raugh
I use weather and calendar widget because its very necessary in travel
Mahak from Outgrow
I love screenshots especially screenshots of a small portion or recording the small screen widget. I don't know if this feature of android phone is widget but I guess other than clock and weather widget, I use ss widget the most.
Alex gleen
A remarkable app, Todoist, helps me manage my time under severe pressure from social activities and workload.
maks bebra
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