What Are Your Favorite Comfort Foods? šŸ— šŸ” šŸ±

Jing Hu
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This is what I feel like having every Saturday night! Here is a list of my favourite comfort food: šŸ— Poultry Leg šŸ” Hamburger šŸŸ French Fries šŸ• Pizza šŸŒ­ Hot Dog šŸ«• Fondue šŸæ Popcorn šŸ± Bento Box šŸ™ Rice Ball šŸš Cooked Rice šŸ£ Sushi šŸ¤ Fried Shrimp šŸ„ Fish Cake with Swirl šŸ„Ÿ Dumpling šŸ¦Ŗ Oyster šŸ¦ Soft Ice Cream hewww... what a list!


Mahak from Outgrow
For me, instant ramens/noodles are best.
tom ferna
Fish cake.Not many people like fish, but I adore it. I constantly order fish dishes in restaurants and even take food with me. As for me, paper bags https://mcdonaldpaper.com/paper-... are the most important thing to carry food. They should be in every store and restaurant.
fish is my favorite food. The idea of an online fish market appeals to me as well. To make it possible, go to this page. The majority of the boxes are carried immediately to a nearby auction market, where they will be marked and auctioned off to restaurants and retailers.
Barker Tiedemannson
Dinners that make us nostalgic for our lives as youngsters, or recipes that help us to remember home, or dishes that make us content since they're packed with calories and carbs ā€” or the entirety of the abovementioned! We truly want to believe that all of you partake in a portion of the accompanying dishes, as these are our unequaled most loved food sources.But Turkey recipe for thanksgiving is one of my favorite recipes.