What are your fav products that you discovered in July?

Sharath Kuruganty
53 replies
Hey everyone! I'm back from my pat leave and missed most of the July launches :( So was curious to know what are some products that caught your attention. Tag the makers and bonus points to those who point why the product is a fav! Thanks for replying πŸ™ŒπŸΌ


Mayank Mishra
Typedream was amazing! they also won the product of the month... kudos!
Ondrej Dobias
I really liked Mapus from @alyssaxuu , fun and handy idea!
Carmen JimΓ©nez
I don't know if it's the right thing to mention my own project, but it's the first one I'm launching: https://www.producthunt.com/post... I'm proud of it 😍
Shivam Hire
@parekh_tanmay agreed , Linkjoy is super awesome. It makes mobile landing page creation a breeze, even replicates your feed to embed links into each post. It's awesome how one tool can do so much.
Shon Uttarwar
Hello, I liked Mapus
Physical product: Nothing Ear (1) - I like that they're trying to shake up the hardware space...and the headphones look sick. Software: Bypass Paywalls - as much as I'm conflicted by this one, it's a cool open-source project and feels very internet to me.
Alex Miller
Hey! I hope it's ok to share own product :) Neuton.AI My team put much effort and creativity into this!
Mehakdeep Kaur
Putting out what we launched in July - Cove Identity :) We were thrilled to see the support from the PH community. Apart from that, I really liked what Typedream and InAppStory did!
Nicolas - Estelle HULEUX
For now, I have discovered Producthunt.. lol, and it seems good .
Eugene Hauptmann
I'll follow @alex_miller11 lead. we released a product build within 48 hours during a global build week here – http://producthunt.com/posts/llc... and got lots of good traction and hammering next features now πŸš€
Andrey Korobitsyn
Not sure about July products, but you might be interested to check our no-code AI solution.
Lee Launches
Discovered VCam (launched 2 years ago), Like a fine wine it is maturing now! adds a SLR style background effect to any webcam, plan on using in upcoming livestream!
Ana Bibikova
I love @roberto_robles https://katlinks.io and https://firelab.io by @kylegawley. They are the products that solve real problems (vs products that just look for ones). Katlinks can save tons of time for bootstrapped founders who wear too many hats at a time and don't have time for proper SEO. Firelab is useful for every dev - code or nocode. Being notified automatically on a problem with a code instead of monitoring it manually day and night - it's gold πŸ€©πŸ†
Raymond Mueller
Local Sod Installation Company - Mr. Lawn
Alexey Shashkov
Typedream by @michelle_marcelline and @kevinchandra The best product I discovered in July. Really cool.