What tools do you use to make your sales process effective?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Bonus points if you let the community know about your workflow!!


Stefan Smiljkovic
https://www.apollo.io is a great tool. I didn't utilize it yet fully, but I gonna use it for https://automatio.co fully soon. Had a call with them a couple of months ago, and their support is great. It also has a free plan which is totally enough to get started. It has everything you need to, from getting contact info like email/phone from your targeted prospect, all info about the company he works for, an email outreach with automation like sequences, etc.
sachin londhe
mailshake for sales outreach and automation. LinkedIn sales navigator for prospecting and Duxsoup to engage with prospects.
Nishith from True Sparrow
Streak CRM. It works right within Gmail.
Tommy Bloom🌴
@nishith_shah I love Streak! Solid product and AMAZING team. Had the best experience engaging with them.
Mitchell Orme
We've found great success with our own product Upflowy. Having a quality signup flow means that we're able to maintain engagement from someone who has expressed intent after clicking a Call to Action, additionally, through our conditional logic and differentiated outcomes technology, we can shorten sales cycles. We can segment our potential users before they've entered the flow by creating a well structured flow with the right questions.
Jared Cornell
Grow your leads by up to 200% and increase your conversion rate with ProProfs live chat Software. Sign up for free to accelerate your sales and profits: https://www.proprofschat.com/sig...
We're intending to use an API that identifies potential customers from our target platform and put them straight into HubSpot. From there we've developed a process for outreach and onboarding (mostly automated via no-code tools like Zapier)
@maxwellcdavis sounds good! Would love to know more about the outreach and onboarding process you've mentioned.
@janinah We're designing a Twitch extension and we've developed an API with a keyword search term to find streamers that are doing an activity around what our Twitch Extension is going to do. The API logs the username and we add that to our Hubspot list - once we've got that we can then prioritize those we outreach to. The only manual thing we have to do is the method that we talk to them with as using the Twitch system (whispers) isn't available for this type of use so we'll have to use Discord, Twitter etc... but once we have the method we can automate to an extent.
@maxwellcdavis hmm sounds very interesting indeed. I love gaming, but mainly sick to watching gamers on YT rather than Twitch. However, I know its a massive market, so hopefully your extension does well 🙂
@janinah Thanks - we'll have a YT product eventually - it's just we'll have to build in monetisation which Twitch does for you...so it's further down the line
Joanna Kurylo
I've been using the Octopus CRM to assist with social selling 👉 https://octopuscrm.io
Ignacio Suarez Ordoñez
Apollo. Crunchbase and LinkedIn sales navigator for prospecting
Fabian Maume
I'm heavily using phantombuster. I detailed some of my workflows on medium: https://fabian-maume.medium.com/... But from my experience, there isn't one process fitting all situations. If want to discuss your specific use case let me know.
Bernardo de Castro
If you work a lot with email sales, I don't mean email marketing, but 1:1 or super-segmented email messages (transactional). An effective tool you can use is Bybrand - Create from scratch to create rich email signatures for sales. For a larger sales team and automation, Bybrand has sales CRM integration like Zoho or Asana. More details: https://www.bybrand.io/templates...
Richard Francis
We use Lemlist for our cold outreach campaigns. And we source data with a ton of different tools - including Wiza, phantom buster, LinkedIn sales navigator, zoominfo. We validate emails for deliverability with zerobounce if needed. Shameless plug: we are a data provider ourselves (http://coldlytics.com)
Tommy Bloom🌴
I saw this product that is launching next month: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... As a Sales Manager, I can't wait to check it out! Looks like a great meeting preparation aid not to mention a MASSIVE time-saver.
Joseph Abraham
Before I delve into tools, we follow this sacred framework at SaaS Industry: Vision - Process - Technology - People We use account based sales. We narrow down the accounts we want to work with and then do a very targeted approach. The tools we use are: Crunchbase - To generate account lists (ICP) Apollo - To get account and buyer center (decision makers) contacts LinkedIn Sales Navigator - To create the connections JetLeads - To create personalized plays Hubspot - To create generic plays and meetings + CRM Zoom - For meetings This pretty much helps us in our sales process :)
I use Qinaps for making my salves process effective
Андрей Олейник
I`m using the Weje whiteboard. With it, I can manage all my tasks easily, and my effectiveness increases.
Jesse Hercules
There's that key moment when a prospect is ready to engage and starts seeking you out. I find that's the time to hop off of phone & email and onto tools that are more friendly, reliable and responsive. Because you want video calls and messages, not phone calls and voicemail. You want reliable messages that arrive instantly, not email. I use ContactLink in my sales process because I can just give out a simple link, and it puts video calls, video messages, IM, appointment scheduling and everything else in one place. If I make it easy for the customer, then I get higher engagement. I'm one of the makers at ContactLink, so any questions fire away! Here's a 51 second video to explain it:
Nikita Dutta
The most effective service that is available to improve the sales process is LeadMagic (leadmagic.io). They are service providers who can share complete details about your website visitors for you to easily engage with them and convert them into customers. Since your website visitors are already looking for offerings that you provide, they can be your valuable potential customers.
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