What are the essential tools for your daily workflow (free tools!)

Juan Sarmiento
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Hey guys, what are some tools that you just couldn't do without in your day to day workflow? As a team, we use Screenity A LOT over the course of a regular day, which ones do you guys rely on?


Usetiful co-founder
We use Loom on daily basis to clarify with customers in Usetiful.
PR @TeQatlas
Trello, Telegram, Google meet and TL; DV
Founder, Speakezee
Slack, Notion, Superhuman
Chief Inspiration Officer
Notion, Google Meet and Slack, the top 3 for sure... After trying a lot of productivity tools these are the ones that became truly essential.
Content marketer
Google meet. Google chat, Google sheet, Google doc, Asana....
UX designer who studies user behavior
Better than Google, Free Analytics: Darwin.so
💡Marketer & Domainer
Founder of Ktty.io
Tello, Bubble, Brain Tree
Working on BotPenguin, chatbot platform
Wordcounter, Google meet, @BotPenguin, Ahref
good girl
The benefits of automating electronic document management processes are really noticeable, here https://www.airslate.com/product... you can find many necessary tools for this