Do you have a new product in the oven? What's stopping you from launching?

Juan Sarmiento
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Let's talk about the challenges we're facing with our new product launches and what we're doing to overcome them


Mainly my Developer Co-Founder not having the time to finish the MVP sadly. Even when we look to outsource some of his time we've struggled to put together a task list for onboarding...
Martin Baumgartner
@maxwellcdavis in order to co - finance our app we do offer to several other software firms the possibility to outsource some of their programming... just contact me for more details
Gleb Braverman
Just launched with Speakezee, come check us out on the front page 🔥🔥🔥
Misha Krunic
Currently working on BotMeNot, a bot protection scoring service. It's currently still in development, and at the moment I'm focused on finding the best solution for its GUI!
Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! My team and I are almost ready to launch the product. We close technical and legal issues for partners. I am 80% sure that there will be no problems with the launch. 20% is the fear that there will be few responses ... We have crypto art, and this is new on the market and is only gaining momentum in popularity.