What are the 3 things you wish you knew before you launched your product?

Amber Sean
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As a newbie here and for all beginners who wish to launch a product on Product Hunt, what are 3 things those of you who have successfully launched your product, wished you knew prior to the launch that could have helped you in many ways :)


Surender Singh
In the same boat. We are going to launch on PH soon. Advise from PH folks would be really appreciated.
Linda Liepa
The 3 things I should have done before launching the product: 1. Before the launch, engage in the Producthunt community -participate in discussions, create discussions, comment on other launches. Basically, get yourself out there. 2. Find a hunter that would hunt your product for wider reach:https://upvote-bell.com/leaderboard. 3. Make sure to have team members that would participate in launch comments - answer to comments and introduce themselves. I have found an article by @yehoshua_zlotogorski pretty helpful for a successful launch : https://www.alpeaudio.com/post/i... it was posted on this thread: https://www.producthunt.com/disc... Also, this thread shares interesting insights: https://www.producthunt.com/disc...
Gleb Braverman
1) Distribution first 2) Spend more time hiring 3) Focus on building, not raising
Wojciech Gryc
I agree with the other comments, particularly around distribution, go-to-market, and product focus. One way I've l earned to think about this is answering four questions as concretely as possible: 1. WHO is the product for? 2. WHAT does it actually do for that person? 3. HOW does it do it? 4. WHY do they want it? I find the product that don't scale well or hit a plateau early don't answer these questions clearly... While the ones that have simple, focused answers tend to do extremely well.
Amber Sean
These are some great info, tips & tricks right here. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wisdom!
Florian Buguet
I wish we launched earlier. Most people overthink their launches (we did a bit). You can always launch several times on various platforms. The exercise of launching helps you ask the right questions, get feedbacks, and then iterate on what you've learned. So doing it late, only postpones all that learning.
Abel G. weldu
Getting your Northstar metrics right can save you a lot of time and disappointment.
Ella S
what and How to populate it Marketing Strategy Offers and Discounts while Launching to grasp the visitors
Bertie IP
Thanks for posting this @sharlyne_simon_123rf - very timely for our stage! Some great answers in the discussion below.
Alice Baker
Thanks for posting this, there's some really cool insights under this.