❓ What are the top 3 lessons you learnt from launching on PH? 🚀

Inna Proshkina
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Here are my lessons from our recent launch: https://www.producthunt.com/post... ❌ Don't push upvotes - everybody writes about it, but the temptation is so huge that you start sharing the direct link with everyone asking for support - in social media, in your private chats, etc. These votes will further be removed (at some point we had almost 1000, but then upvotes went down to 650). 🚀 Launch on Ship at least 4 weeks before you launch on PH. This is a great platform to raise awareness and attract new subscribers from PH that can support you when you launch. ❤️ Engage with the community and start building relations. Give something valuable before you ask. Please share your insights on challenges you faced during your launch and what you could do better.


Daria Novikova
Thanks for sharing valuable tips! forewarned is forearmed :)
Inna Proshkina
@daria_novikova14 Thanks! I'm glad you find this information valuable!
Arpit Mishra
100% agree. Thanks for putting that together Other important lesson - Not every business is suitable for PH launch. Refrain from launching just because you read it somewhere.
Trent Wann
@arpitmishra What would you say are some unsuitable businesses to launch on PH? Appreciate this insight.
Arpit Mishra
@trentwann Would be difficult to point to specific, but IMO have seen HR softwares, real estate management, or any other not related to very early stage startup etc. not get major upvotes (with some exceptions in evert category).
Vadym Shcherbakov
Thank you Inna! You've highlighted some of the most valuable mistakes, that we have done on our previous launch. Definitely will use these points on our next product launch!
Inna Proshkina
@vadim_shcherbakov When are you planning to launch next time?
Matthias Bohlen
@vadim_shcherbakov How do you launch a second time with the same product?
Vadym Shcherbakov
@gettheaudience we are planning to launch our second product. The first launch was about KYC, the second will be about KYB
Vadym Shcherbakov
@inna_proshkina We are planning our launch on September or October this year
Inna Proshkina
@vadim_shcherbakov @gettheaudience You can relaunch the same product in 6 month, but if you have breaking new functionality, you can do so even sooner.
Vio Vanica
My main takeaways: (1) DM approach worked the best for us, but don't spam people. Spread the word about your product in the communities you engaged in before the launch. This will help you with at least a higher conversion rate. (2) Take advantage of all 24h of launch. Even if this means you won't sleep that night, so what? The reward of seeing your product at the top of the products of the day is worth the effort. (3) Be truthful interested in connecting with people, you have no idea how supportive we are to each other when we care. I've written a whole article about our launch on Product Hunt. We were the #2nd Product of the Day with myfocusspace.com - here is the link and hope it will help someone https://www.myfocusspace.com/blo...
Inna Proshkina
@viorica_vanica Many thanks Viorica for sharing these tips and the link to the article! We'll add some action items to our check list!
Dawn Veltri
@viorica_vanica Your article is by far one of the most helpful ones I have read about launching on PH. Thank you for sharing!
Trent Wann
@viorica_vanica This article was super helpful, thank you for taking the time to write that up and share!
Lalit Tyagi
@viorica_vanica amazing article, Many thanks. I actually recently came to know about PH and its great here many founders like me supporting the community big ways. This article has great points and I would like to say thanks to you. I was actually looking how we can do it. Atleast now I know about PH launch. I will research more and understand more off course. But this article will help me lot. Lets connect sometime when you have time might be some more tips can help me to launch my product on PH.
Dennis R.
Thanks for sharing, we are planning our launch soon, this guide is helpful for us!
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Very true, what really helped us on the second launch was Ship subscribers, we gain visibility before even launching. Then, engaging with the community is super important, answer questions, launch discussions, give your opinion but don't push your product, people that are interested will look on your profile and find the good information :)
Renzo Brus 💻⚡
Thanks for the advices! 😋
Siddhesh Lokare
These lessons topped the layers of everything we are planning for the launch. Thanks Inna!
Thanks a lot for your generous sharing!!
Marko Krčmar
I plan on sharing my project soon on PH so this really helps! Thanks @inna_proshkina
Dinakar Sakthivel
Thanks for sharing your learnings with us. For me personally, the launches here contributed to a couple hundred votes and never really had any effect with the product. So I kinda lost the motivation to launch products here. I look forward to revisiting PH sometime in the future though. So, I'll keep these points in mind.
Dinakar Sakthivel
Also, upvotes don't mean much. Clubhouse had a hunt here and had like 70 upvotes.
Inna Proshkina
@dinakar It seems like upvotes are more about Makers' efforts to spread the word about the product rather than about the real product value.
Cong Bill
Thanks for this invaluable insight. I am a high school student who wants to share my products and build experience through Product Hunt. I will be taking these tips to heart! Currently, we are releasing Spade, I hope you guys can give us some feedback!
Pallavi Khanna
@inna_proshkina Not sure if it's just me, but on clicking the link to your blog, it shows a 404 error. Would love to see your blog!
Miri Blayckher
Thank you for sharing! What is ship?
Inna Proshkina
@miri_blayckher Ship is a platform that allows you to add your product to the upcoming products here: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... before you launch it on PH. It enables you to start promoting your product long before and after the official launch and gather subscribers.
Ondřej Valuštík
Thank you for your tips! We will launch our new product soon so your tips are very useful for us 🙏 👌
Pablo Fatas
Thanks for the good advice. I did not know we could have an up and coming page so I made one for the productivity browser we are releasing next week. Would love to hear what you think: https://www.producthunt.com/upco.... Also its interesting that they deleted your upvotes. How come?
Inna Proshkina
@pablo_fatas Thanks for sharing the link. Your product looks awesome, I checked the landing to understand why it is better than other browsers as it was not obvious on the Ship page. I think you might want to try a different layout so that the video is more visible and add more text. In regards to our upvotes... it happened overnight. I reached out to PH support, and they responded like this: https://help.producthunt.com/en/....
Pablo Fatas
@inna_proshkina Thanks for the feedback. The ship page is quite limiting but will see what I can do. Interesting that they are so strict on the number of upvotes. But I guess it is nice to know that upvotes are probably from genuine people when you see them
Inna Proshkina
@pablo_fatas I think that all the people we asked for support had a genuine intention when they upvoted, they just hadn't been PH users before.
Pablo Fatas
@inna_proshkina Oh im sure. But I am guessing the PH algorithm is quite strict so it might also sort out some genuinely interested people. But at least you know that at the end of the day all your upvotes are genuine even if you’ve lost some real upvotes along the way. Congrats on making it to top 5 :)
Mike Mirandi
Thanks @inna_proshkina for putting this together and suggesting to 🚀 Launch on Ship. Could you recommend any posts or content on best practices for Ship? This article written by @wiloo is very insightful but a few years old: https://medium.com/onvey/our-exp...
Inna Proshkina
@wiloo @mike_mirandi Thanks for sharing the article. Although it's quite old, it covers all the basics. Anyway Ship is not a rocket science, just start using it and you will figure it all out at once. My only recommendations which were not mentioned in the article are: start with the PRO subscription immediately after you set up the page, and import all the contacts you have from your CRM, social media, etc.