Its launch day and the technicality is just not working well, do you postpone launch or?

Amber Sean
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Would just like to hear from those who have launched previously on how they would handle shortcomings (if it ever happens)


Hey @sharlyne_simon_123rf 👋 If the product is having some technical issues, I'd recommend you to postpone the launch. You can reach out to our team through Intercom (circular black and white icon on the bottom right of the screen) and we'll be happy to assist :) It's always better to share a product with the community that's fully ready to be used :)
Johannes Grenzemann
Hey @sharlyne_simon_123rf, definitively postpone. There will be sufficient things that can (and will) go wrong. But when the base version of you products has severe issues, it won't be a happy day. Also: don't do last minute change. Invest sufficient time in QA. Launch when you're ready. You 365 possible launch slots per year :)
Amber Sean
@jgrenzemann Thank you for taking your time to share your wisdom, this would definitely help my team and I prep better before launch day :D
Ruben Wolff
Here at, we were supposed to launch tomorrow, but if the platform has bugs, it won't be ready to resist a peak of visitors, and this could lead to a monumental failure. So we decided to postpone
Amber Sean
@rubenwolff That's a bummer, but great move nevertheless, its definitely better to be a 100% ready for launch day, good luck & all the best for your launch :D