What are some of your September goals?

Ujjwal sukheja
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Hey Hunters!! Let's share and help each other to achieve their September goals and show some love to the community. Let me start with my goals 1. Grow our app to 100k+ users ( No, that's not TYPO) 2. Launch my growth newsletter. 3. Read an article daily. 4. Twitter activity: 2 Tweets/day & 1 Thread/week. If you want to know the plan for 100k, DM me on Twitter: @ujjwal_sukheja. Thanks for DM @pbteja1998


Omkar Birje
Hey @ujjwal_sukheja , All the best for your goals. My goals 1. Getting 500+ subscribers for ☕️ indielatte.com 2. Launching ProductHunt kit 3. Launching Newsletter kit 4. Taking Twitter seriously
Hey Ujjwal 100k+ Great Goal! Keep us updated! My goal is to gather subscribers for my newsletter The Intentional - https://theintentional.carrd.co/ and get out the first issue on the last Thursday. It'll be great if you checked out the LP and lemme know your thoughts.. Cheers!
Misha Krunic
Hey there! For me, as far as September goes, my must-do's are: 1. Launch the blog page and finish a lot of development tasks for botmenot.com ; 2. Create some visual and written content for it; 3. Find new subscribers and beta users! 4. Reconsider my Social Media approach. And maybe (if possible) spend some more time in nature while the weather is still good. But with having so much to do, I'm kind of doubtful! Good luck to you!
Misha Krunic
@ujjwal_sukheja Thanks, once it's launched I'll make sure I do! In the meantime, if you're interested, subscribe to the mailing list on botmenot.com to be notified about the future updates!
Michal Jackowski
1. Finish renovating my apartment and start looking for tenants 🙈 2. Adding a reporting module to https://backlinkmanager.io 3. Creating a task list for my PH launch, researching best practices and strategies 4. Keep my good habits despite difficult circumstances (jogging, fasting, reading)
Preeti Chovoor
I plan to launch my product! Move into my new apartment Start my classes and do well in them!! Good luck with your products! Check out my upcoming page! https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Monil Shah
Those are some strong goals! Here's ours: - Get 5 new users for our customer-journey analytics platform - Set up a slack community for folks to talk about analytics
Monil Shah
@ujjwal_sukheja Thank you! You'd be the first one :-) Feel free to join it here: https://join.slack.com/t/bga-com...
September goals: Big & Audacious ones are what you dream of ... 1. Launch Gumstack on PH. 2. Grow our per day calls handled through the platform 4X or 5X 3. Share more thoughts on video selling best practices on Twitter. My twitter habits haven't improved ... hope to make it happen soon
Omkar Birje
@srama79 hey Gumstack looks amazing. All the best for your ph launch I just launched the producthunt kit on my Twitter handle it's free to grab. Twitter - @realomkarbirje
@realomkarbirje Thanks bud. Nice compilation. Would love to see inputs from @alirashidy Added to it. Ali has done a kickass one for PH, which I would surely Patreon for.
Waqar Wasti
Hey @ujjwal_sukheja, Great to see! All the best for the month ahead My goals 1. Getting 300+ registration for Ventroduce.com 2. Launch the Investor Index 3. Launch a video series on start up financing (SaaS) 4. Get posted on producthunt (21st sept) 5. 1 tweet + 1 LI post per day Would be great to see the growth plan to reach 100k! Cheers, Waq
Siddhesh Lokare
Here is my plan for this month: 1. Plan to successfully launch https://wyloapp.com/ on PH and make it to POTD #1 2. Kickstart a fresh micro-influencer campaign. 3. Conduct and host 10 online Meet events for the community. 4. Shoot and post 20 videos on Instagram. Don't know if I'll make it, but I am surely gonna live through this process:) Sending wishes for your plans too!
Julia Doronina
Hey, Ujjwal! Thank you for this discussion, it's really cool! My plan for this September: 1. Launch LeaksID (welcome to our Upcoming page https://www.producthunt.com/upco...) 2. Get 500+ subscribers for our special free tariff on app.leaksid.com and try to make a custdev with them to make our product better 3. Read minimum 2 books 4. Learn minimum 10 new English words a week If you can become one of our early-users to test LeaksID and give you feedback, I will really appreciate it! My twitter: @juliet__de ☺️
Kevin Offret
I need to make my next affiliate site on a new wordpress. The theme I found is really good!
Sheiryl Jose
1. Launch our sellers portal 2. Optimize our project listing web pages with help from surfer https://lessandra.com.ph/project... 3. Get more website organic visits 4. Exercise! :)
Андрей Лист
My main goal for September is to continue to improve myself. And continue working on my product.
Alexey Shashkov
1. Launch an MVP. 2. Talk to 20+ Initial users and get feedback. 3. Plan next iteration. 4. 1 tweet/day and 1 article/week.
Nik Hazell
Good question @ujjwal_sukheja 1. I'm hoping to get a Version-2 of our recently launched Free Ad Predictor ( https://www.zappi.io/app/digital... ). We got some great feedback from the PH community, and just need to put it into practice! 2. Create some more written content / case studies to support the above. 3. Find some interesting go-to-market strategies! Influencers, communities, evangelists etc :) My target is 50 free users completing the journey per week!
Juan Pablo Neira Alvarez
Hey @ujjwal_sukheja thanks for the topic! All the best for your goals. For this month my goals are: 1. Reach to, at least, 20 more people in my second cycle at Platzi's Campus Rep program. 2. Improve cohesion in my GrowthPros🚀 community. 3. Succeed in Platzi's Top Leader Program. 4. Improve my Notion Life OS. 5. Increase my activity in PH. Good luck to you!
Currently working on trying to build traffic via social media. So much of the algorithm has changed it is hard keeping up if anyone has tips specifically for Instagram and Twitter please let me know! To get an idea of the company I'm working with check out previous blogs I've posted: https://www.wasteremovalusa.com/... This is my top goal and I have accepted it takes practice.
Chris Ashby
Hey! Loving the goals here. Mine are: 1. Launch We Are Heroes on Product Hunt 2. Sign 2 new clients for We Are Heroes 3. Grow to 50 newsletter subscribers (Current 23) 4. Grow to 100 followers on Medium (Current 78) 5. Launch my 'Blobs' side project I recently made the leap from full time employment to starting my own business so working hard on this early growth.
Stuart Winchester
Nice! Looks great @ujjwal_sukheja — just signed up. Sept. goals for Marble are: 1. Help our members take control of $2MM in insurance premium 2. Launch our new double verified review tool for the community 3. Get our Ship page over 150 sign-ups 4. And a personal one: Get back to running a few times a week!
Isabel Rittenberg
@stuartwinchester Right there with ya to help on these goals! Except the running one - you're on your own there.
Yosua Putra
Hey @ujjwal_sukheja , good luck on your goals! Coincidentally my app Reach it: https://play.google.com/store/ap... is a goal planner and habit tracker, maybe it can help you guys achieve your goals 😉 My September goals: 1. Successfully launch my app on product hunt 2. Get 10k+ new users 3. Add more cool new features 4. Finish my udemy front end web development tutorial Best of luck for all of you here! ✨
Ujjwal sukheja
@yosua__putra What was the channels that worked for you in terms of app downloads??