What are the problems that remote team has to face?

Ujjwal sukheja
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I think there are two problems, here is what we do to eliminate that. Productivity We believe in working fewer hours but being productive at that time. But recently we had to communicate with our team more than the normal, we use to schedule meetings and that meeting goes for around 4 hours or more than that and the discussion was not worth for that 4 hours. Maybe we are the only team, that facing this problem? Then, I tried to find out the best possible solution for this: If you're scheduling a weekly meeting for updates or progress tracking with your team then first circulate the to-do sheet or a sheet in which every team member right out the topics that need to be discussed. Then during the discussion, whenever the question is discussed just mark it as done. By this way, the meeting will be more productive. Communication We communicate for most of the time over slack channels and guess what!! we were spending 40% more time as compared through the call. We decided to explore more voice-based communication tool for remote team and we tried YAC and TALKIE. We were saving more than 40% of the time from before. Let me know the problems you're facing in your organisations, maybe anyone from this community can help.


Ujjwal sukheja
For us Yac is a revolutionary product.
Alex Leroy
i tend to spend less time on com with slack. How were you counting the communication time? If you try to make meeting on slack it will not work of course. It is meant to be an asunchronous communitcation tool.
Ujjwal sukheja
@alex_leroy We use to calculate the communication time using screen time tools that we use and meeting is scheduled using zoom.
Mark Hauser
Productivity may increase with remote work but community is essential
Nachiket Patel
My team and I were also facing similar problems in the beginning when we started to work remotely. We always ended up spending more time than usual to get updates from teams, track progress and analyze the entire flow of work. But later we realized that remote working is here to stay and we being a team of tech lovers decided to develop and design a tool for remote teams. It's called undiffer. This tool will be a great helping hand for all the remote working teams for task and team management and would surely lessen your workload, save time and increase your productivity. I am going to launch it soon so do check it out: https://www.undiffer.com/ P.S. I'm mentioning it here since it could be a problem-solving application for all the people who finds it challenging to manage the team work remotely.
Abhishek Singh
There are limitations around the effectiveness of long brainstorming discussions, & team communication. Additionally, depending upon the company & the specific employee, there could also be trust issues around quality of work.
Miguel Hill
Frequent internet and tech issues.
Piotr Zgierski
There's a good way to deal with tasks like Asana, communication like Telegram, and only video chat's on crucial deals or week meetings. But for me crucial is that PM is to make the data before the meet, and its no spending time to replay everything again on week meeting its productivity to focus on the important things.
Jaskiran Kaur
I think there are some problems like No Social Interactions, Connectivity Problems, routine gets ruined, etc
Ujjwal sukheja
@jaskiran_kaur Yes, we faced the same situation in our team as well, I guess you can checkout yac for this problem.
Amara Pope
We use @asana to keep track of our monthly and daily goals and as a team we can look at what other team members are doing while monitoring our own individual tasks