What advice would you give yourself when you first became an Entrepreneur?

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I'd love to hear your story!


Giuseppe Persico
I am not an entrepreneur, but If I were to become one, I would definitely focus on things that matters in order to have a clear vision on what has to be done and surround myself with positive people.
Khalid Belghiti
Choose your team wisely :)
Matthew Page
Keep passionate and follow your heart!
Jeremy Cleverly
Be conscious of "leeches". Once words gets out that you have or are building a company other companies or individuals will come out of the woodwork offering their services - some of which you need, many of which you do not or are over-priced. Make sure any engagement you agree to is based upon solid financial criteria and not the emotion of wanting to see your company succeed. There are many companies out there that will bleed you dry having you pay them for empty promises.
Jeremy Cleverly
@nafisfaysal Happy to help and share my past shortcomings and mistakes with anyone in hopes of saving them both time and money! Best of luck to you!
Raunaq Vaisoha
Don't let the fear of failure constrain your ambition.
@raunaqvaisoha I agree! I would also add: don't let the fear of negative feedbacks constrain you. Acknowledge & learn from them.
Thomas Kimura
Don't do it for the money
Oliver Parker
When I started my business it was all about managing the unknowns to not get lost in doubts. Very often the beginning is hard. Try many, many, many different things. Never stop.
Joseph Martin
I'd probably tell myself to start reading case studies first. I entered this field with VERY little understanding as to "how these things work".
Corinn Pope
I'd tell myself to start small and work my way up. ...and it's going to take a lot longer than you think it is.
Muamer Avdic
I would have started earlier. The quicker you start, the better off you will be!
Patrick Sullivan
Lots of things that fall under the "you won't know what you are doing, and that is ok" umbrella of advice. Then also, "don't do it alone if you don't have to". Doing it with co-founders makes it so much more fun and rewarding. You can lean on each other for the things you are good at individually and they can help you stay positive through the down times (which will undoubtedly be a thing). It's a rollercoaster.
Victor Haseman
Here's my advice to myself. 1. Become a subject matter expert in your idea's target category. 2. Smoke test your idea before you start building it. 3. Build a ridiculously low-fi proof of concept for max $1K. 4. Find trustworthy collaborators who are smarter than you. 5. Set deadlines for hitting your milestones and stick to them.
Sandesh Subedi
@nafisfaysal My advice would be "You need not know everything and you need not do everything. If you know everything and do everything; you can't scale up"
Archisman Das
1. Get out and talk to your users 2. It will take longer than you think 3. Make something people want
Alexa Vovchenko
care about yourself to avoid burn-out
Wias Issa
Hey @nafisfaysal - Before you do anything else, understand your target customer. 1. Who is your ideal customer? 2. What pains do your customers experience? 3. Can you describe a day in the life of your target customer? 4. How does your product fit into the customer’s daily activities and workflow? Once you nail these... onward!