Ways to overcome loneliness in solo development

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How do you overcome loneliness of solo developing?


I personally like being active on Twitter. Building in public, interacting with founders and bouncing ideas off each other. I can send you a few communities to join if you like.
@can_solombaz amazing, hope to see you around on Twitter :) Here's a few Twitter lists that have interesting people within: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1368... https://twitter.com/i/lists/1449... https://twitter.com/i/lists/1343...
Maxwell Davis
There are a few communities out there, I've been part of the Wannabe Entrepreneur Community by @tiagorbf for a while now and really enjoyed the help and support https://wannabe-entrepreneur.com/
Jose Leon
I write every day and publish articles, that helped to relax and the comments and interactions it's a great feeling of belonging!
@jrleonr where do you publish them?
Kim Salmi
- Write about your work; blog, twitter, linkedin - Go to physical meetups and events regularly - Work at a co-working space and say hi to people when you see them - Do also other things than develop; meet friends, family, exercise and walk in the nature - Talk to your customers
Fabian Maume
You can join some community for indie hackers like LUNADIO. Those communities usually organize regular master calls to check out on other communities members.
@fabian_maume it looks cool, i will check it out, thanks!
Stanislav Kirdey
I've created a Discord community and invited early customers. It is not super active but it takes some of the loneliness away. There are also a lot of slack communities that might be relevant to what you build.
Muskesh singh
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Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
Talking about it on Twitter and Reddit and over here even! Lots of folks building things on their own, so just find some other folks and keep yourself accountable and talk about it together!
Roman Vorozhtsov
It would be cool to create your own team and stop being lonely)
Meng Wee Tan
Just get out to an eatery and talk to random people. It is just like meeting people on the net.
Lucian Tartea
Twitter interaction is more than enough for me. Also when I get sales I know users are close by and dissipates loneliness
Karolina Semiuk
Try also 'passive' interaction with people involved in software dev industry through online meet-ups (remember those Clubhouse times?) or shows/podcasts. There's a new podcast you may find interesting, called 'It Works on My Machine' - https://open.spotify.com/show/3t...
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