What is your best working schedule?

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Are you most the performative when working 4 days a week, at night..? Do you have any tips for being productive and keeping the work/life balance at the same time?


Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
I definitely only have a solid 4 productive days in me, and usually only about 4-6 hours a day if I'm being totally honest. 😊 Its definitely not mornings - it's usually late afternoon for me. I'd say I'm in my prime from about 1/2pm until 5/6pmish
Shreya Singh
Hello!! I find this topic for discussion quite interesting. So, in my case I work productively for 5 days in a week. I am very energetic mood in the morning and as the day progresses my energy level goes down. I am most excited for the weekends as I have ample amount of time to rest and spend time with my family.
Vedran Rasic
Hey, Can, great question - I focus on deep work in the morning or late in the evening. Here are 18 tips I wrote the other day: https://www.producthunt.com/disc... 🙌
Launching soon!
My best working schedule is working for an hour (undeviatingly, however a little diversion is allowed) followed by an half-hour break.
Martina Hackbartt
I'd say I'm most productive when I plan everything I need to get done throughout a week but decide on the run the things I'll work on first according to priority PLUS what I feel like doing most at the moment. I sort of use what would be called "Timeboxing"; by which I dedicate a certain amount of time to a task, then move on to the following, and so on. It works for me because I have several and very different things active: university, work, extra personal projects, etc. I would say I'm most productive during the mornings, after my coffee. But to be honest, I usually don't struggle with productivity. The period of time after lunch is a bit tough, but then I'm usually focused. Our team created a LinkedIn group where we share some productivity tips, here's the link: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/...
Cathy Patalas
Defintely working in the morning from around 7 and then having the evenings off to hang out with friends or go to the gym and just relax and rechange
Srishty Chaudhary
For being productive, you can try your favorite things in between while working. If you are feeling burnout then shut your laptop for few minutes and take a walk, talk to your friends, make a coffee for yourself, watch some show, listen to some music, talk to your family members about anything. These are very small things but they are effectively workable.