Viral dance moves for marketing campaigns

Amara Pope
6 replies
Viral dance moves for marketing campaigns continue to be #trending - do you believe that they continue to be an effective marketing strategy, or have we seen consumer exhaustion and boredom over this promotional tool?


Asad Ali
I mean with TikTok it's quite relevant and will continue to be a hot trend. Interested to see if b2b businesses start incorporating this
Benoit Chambon
What if the Shmoney dance would have been released on TikTok...?
Süheyla Şeker
A lot of my dancer friends make money from tiktok. It's a very active platform, you can reach large audiences. There are a lot of dancers who share their dances with social media and have a serious fan base.
Amara Pope
@suheyla_seker but what about from the customer's end, do you think that we are facing a fatigue with the dance ads?
linda lee
I'm sure you won't be disappointed when you join this very special game, it will make you happier emoji
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